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40 years of China Furniture and Arts!
Join us as we commemorate our 40 year anniversary! To thank you and to celebrate this milestone, we would like to offer our customers 15% off and FREE shipping on all purchases. We are truly grateful for supporters like you who allow us to grow and who continue help us spreading Zen and Chi across the world!
For all in the Chicagoland area, visit our 15,000 square foot showroom for even more exclusive specials! Please contact us for detail.


We have compiled a comprehensive list of Chinese table designs exploring options including console tables, coffee tables, dining sets, end tables, and more! No matter which room of the house you may be looking to furnish, this guide is the perfect resource for helping you make the best choice.

Blending traditional craft with modern style, much of today's contemporary asian furniture is still inspired by iconic designs that originated during the Ming dynasty in China.

Chinoiserie originated as a western European style of decorative art that first began appearing in the 17th century and has persisted in popularity to this day. It shares many elements with French rococo style such as heavy use of ornamentation or decoration, stylized nature, gilding, and overall extravagance.

A signature quality of much Chinoiserie furniture and decor is the use of fantasized imagery derived from European interpretations of life, art, and culture in pre-industrial China.