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Happy Lantern Festival!

The Chinese Lantern Festival closes every Lunar New Year celebration and marks the end of winter. It is a day of peace and reconciliation; welcoming spring with luminous lights and vibrant colors.

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Coming after the tiger and before the dragon, the rabbit is 4th in order in the 12-year Chinese Zodiac cycle of the lunar calendar.

According to Chinese folklore, the zodiac order was originally decided by a race between the earth’s creatures. One of the most popular versions of this story asserts that the Jade emperor organized the competition, decrying that the first 12 creatures to cross the finish line would be rewarded by having a year in the zodiac named after them. The swiftness and endurance of the rabbit allowed it to finish in the top four competitors.

You may have seen this popular Chinese symbol adorning both antique and modern decor. More commonly, this symbol is a decoration symbol of marriage seen plastered on the windows of newlyweds and embellished wedding favors. This is the Chinese symbol for double happiness. The symbol is recognized as 雙喜 (shuāng xǐ), of which characters literally translate to “double happy”.

The double happiness symbol can be placed in bright spaces and anywhere many people will pass by and see it. This way, we pass on the positive energy and Feng Shui of the double happiness symbol.