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Welcome Summer with our newest additions to the store! Bring a Zen aesthetic to your home and garden with our selection of statues and garden decor.

Or, explore our handpicked collection of one-of-a-kind furniture and handcrafted decorative accents. This Summer Sale event ends July 1st.



The dragon holds a prominent place in the Chinese Zodiac, ranking 5th in the 12-year lunar calendar cycle, succeeding the rabbit and preceding the snake. Revered for its mythical qualities, the dragon embodies strength, courage, and auspiciousness in Chinese tradition. Those born under this sign, often seen as natural leaders, are said to inherit these noble traits.

The Year of the Dragon in 2024 is particularly noteworthy as it aligns with the Wood element, signifying the Year of the Wood Dragon. Individuals born under this sign, including those born in previous Dragon years, are characterized as energetic, charismatic, and driven individuals. With its symbolism of power and prosperity, the dragon continues to be a revered emblem in Chinese tradition.

Integrating Asian decor into your interior designs can evoke a sense of elegance, serenity, and cultural richness. Asian furniture ranges from antique pieces to modern interpretations, allowing you to find items that suit various interior styles. From traditional craftsmanship to contemporary, explore the beauty of Asian aesthetics and find inspiration for your home.

Whether you're creating a home completely inspired by the Far East or simply looking to infuse a touch of Asian-inspired influence, these ten carefully curated home decor pieces are bound to elevate your decorating style to new heights.