Rosewood - A Staple of Traditional Chinese Furniture
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Rosewood - A Staple of Traditional Chinese Furniture

One of the most important materials in the creation of unique Chinese objects is a brownish wood with dark veining. Many types of wood fall under this category, and are referred to as Rosewood. Furniture made from this beautiful hardwood has a darkly elegant appearance, and the material is also used often for flooring, the creation of high-end musical instruments like violins and cellos, and even in traditional martial arts weapons like the "gun" staff used in wu shu demonstrations. recognizes the beauty of this material, and has used it to create many different items, including iconic designs like that of a traditional asian coffee table .

Today, techniques dating back to the Ming Dynasty are combined with modern technology in the production of rosewood furniture . This helps control both quality and cost.

Rosewood Furniture

Completely hand made in solid rosewood by artisans in China, furniture like this dining set is crafted using traditional joinery techniques for long lasting durability.

Asian Coffee Table

Made of solid rosewood, an open carving of longevity symbol panel is carefully inserted into this coffee table

Asian Coffee Table

The most important pieces for any living or entertaining room are not necessarily the couches or chairs that people sit on, but the centerpiece of the room. An Asian coffee table can pull a room together, with simple but deceptively intricate design and strong functionality. offers many Rosewood furniture and oriental furniture options to meet these needs.

Other Popular Chinese Materials

Along with the many types of rosewoods, Chinese jade is an important traditional element. Known as the Imperial Gem, this light green, slightly opaque material has been used for centuries in both functional and ceremonial items. To give your home an authentic Eastern feel, decorations made from jade are an easily added touch. Browse our catalog, and you'll find many different options, from tiny jewelry boxes to larger Buddha statues, which, when used to top mantels and step tansu cabinets, can give your home the Eastern feel you are looking for.

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