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The Platform Bed - Oriental Furniture Staple

In each style of furnishing design, there are many staples that are both unique to that style and prevalent within it. In Oriental bedroom furniture design, the platform bed is one of those types of asian furniture .

Built out of wood, usually Rosewood, from the body to the headboard, this type of bed is very different from the types of beds found in the showrooms of most American or other Western furnishing stores. These beds usually have built-in drawers for easy storage, but the drawers are so integrated into the design as not to be noticed. The firmness of the design, when coupled with a good mattress, is good for those with bad backs. A staple of oriental furniture , this design is becoming more popular in America and surrounding areas due to its combination of beauty and function. ChinaFurnitureOnline.com is proud to offer platform beds.

Oriental Bedroom Furniture

Antique Chinese beds often feature hand carved and
painted details on a grand scale

Antique Imperial Palace Canopy Bed

Entirely made by hand, antique Chinese beds
are highly sought after for their unique qualities

The "Lady" Bed - Oriental Bedroom Furniture

In ancient China, the bed was for much more than just sleeping. The comforter or mattress was rolled away during the day, and a table added for taking tea, or entertaining. ChinaFurnitureOnline.com offers Oriental bedroom furniture in this tradition, for multiple functions. Contemporary interior designers enjoy the versatility of this style of bed, the "lady" bed originated in the city of Ning Bo, and as such it is one of the store's most popular Oriental furniture options. The Ning Bo bed, and many like it, is available with discounted shipping from ChinaFurnitureOnline.com.

Other Options

As well as these more traditional options, ChinaFurnitureOnline.com also offers beds that are similar to those in the Western style, but with Asian accents. Inlaying Rosewood with mother of pearl, adding calligraphy, or using traditionally Asian materials can create a feeling that is both familiar and unique. Browse our catalog today to figure out which is best for you.

Dark Cherry Elmwood Bird and Flower Motif Oriental Armoire

Bird & Flower Elmwood Armoire

Distressed Black Elmwood Chinese Wedding Cabinet

Black Elmwood Chinese Wedding Cabinet

Distressed Pastel Blue Elmwood Ming Armoire

Distressed Pastel Blue Elmwood Armoire

Distressed Red Elmwood Chinese Ming Wedding Armoire

Red Elmwood Ming Armoire

Distressed Light Blue Elmwood Chinese Mandarin Armoire

Light Blue Mandarin Armoire

Gold Su Chow Chinese Armoire

Gold Su Chow Armoire

Dark Cherry Elmwood Yuan Yuan King Size Chinese Platform Bed

Yuan Yuan Chinese Platform Bed

Honey Elmwood Ming King Size Chinese Platform Bed with Lattice Headboard

Lattice Headboard Oriental Bed

Natural Finish Elmwood Chinese Ming Day Bed

Chinese Ming Day Bed

Dark Cherry Elmwood Imperial Qing Queen Size Chinese Platform Bed with Lattice Headboard

Imperial Qing Platform Bed

Distressed Black Elmwood Yuan Yuan Queen Size Chinese Platform Bed

Black Longevity Bed

Dark Cherry Rosewood Imperial Dragon and Phoenix King Size Oriental Platform Bed with Drawers

Rosewood Dragon & Phoenix Bed

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