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Instant Privacy with Chinese Screens

Surely, we've all seen a film noir or other crime drama, in which a femme fatale used her wiles to seduce a hapless hero. For many of us, the first time seeing decorative Asian screens involved an iconic scene in which said femme fatale stepped behind the screen, with the hero in the room, to "slip into something more comfortable." Chinese screens have far more uses than seducing a hapless hero, though the elegant beauty of this asian wall decor surely can add a sexy element to any room. Because a screen can be folded and stored away, it makes for a good temporary or sometime divider for a room, creating instant privacy. We recommend a screen for any shared room, like a dorm room, to help accent your asian home decor .

Chinese Screens

A panorama view of a Chinese market during the Spring Festival
is depicted on this grand four-panel screen.

Asian Screen

ChinaFurnitureOnline wooden screens are artfully
decorated on both the front and back sides

The Calligraphy of Asian Screens

Many different designs are available from Some of the more popular Chinese screens use the beautiful calligraphy of the characters of written language, organized in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Calligraphy as an art form is very well-respected and often used in Asian cultures, the artful strokes adding different meanings to the written word and also respecting the inherent beauty of the characters themselves.

Others use cutouts to form unique, Chinoiserie-influenced designs, or are painted or engraved with traditional motifs from China or other countries. Asian screens are a traditional decorative staple, and because of their longevity, many different types of design approaches have been taken. Some of our favorites are created using the uniquely beautiful material of Rosewood. To learn more, or to order, please contact us today.

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