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Asian Furniture for All Rooms was founded by James C. Chou, a man with half a century of carpentry experience, both in his home of Taipei and his adopted homes in Los Angeles and Chicago. The web store was created to bring affordable Asian furniture to a worldwide audience, and so far, the mission has been a great success.

The online store provides furnishings for every room of the house, from Asian bedroom furniture to asian coffee tables , mirrors and other wall hangings, and step tansu shelves and cabinets. Living room furnishings, from couches and chairs to end and lamp tables, are also good options, because visitors to your home will notice your oriental furniture . Separating large rooms into smaller ones is easy with floor screens. To learn specifically about furnishings for master bedrooms, read further below.

Asian Furniture

Delicate hand crafted details
are a hallmark of Chinese furniture

Antique Gu Fei Canopy Bed

Estimated to be 120 years old, this antique
bed was salvaged from Zhejiang Province

Asian Bedroom Furniture

Beds used in Eastern households are often different aesthetically from the typical ones you might see in a Western home. Antique Ci-Xi and Ning Bo beds have built-in canopies and tops, and are enclosed in a way not often seen in Western homes. This type of Asian bedroom furniture can give your house a unique look, while retaining the comfort you are used to; Asian furniture is definitely pleasing to the eye, but the first priorities are form and function. Dressers, dressing mirrors, and cabinets done in a traditional Chinese style also add a great deal of flavor to a house's master suite. Call toll free today at 1-888-786-6888 to order now.

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