Authentic Jade Carvings Crafted by Chinese Artisans
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Chinese Jade - A Material with Unique Beauty

For a long time in China, one of the most prominent and valuable materials for both utilitarian and ceremonial decorative objects was the light green, slightly opaque stone that has become associated with Eastern, and especially Chinese decor .

Chinese jade was long known as the imperial gem, and it is easy to see why, with its effortless beauty and the ease with which it could be worked into simple household items or intricate masterworks of design and decoration. has many different jade-crafted items available, from traditional decorative balls to Buddha statues, small and large. Search through the site and you will find asian home decor to accent any room, from mantelpieces to tables and stands. One item we recommend is a hand carved incense burner pot, as its mix of practicality and decorative beauty are unparalleled.

Chinese Jade

Carving Jade is a delicate artform
that has been practiced in China for centuries

Chinese Decor

Chinese decorative jars and vases
are great for reappropriating as a lamp

Authentic Chinese Decor

The exotic yet immediately appealing look is what appeals to many people. Chinese jade cannot be mistaken for any other stone, as its unique coloration and texture, and the way the light plays off and through it, make it impossible to duplicate or imitate. When looking for authentic Chinese decor, look no further than Our broad selection of items is in keeping with tradition, while maintaining an eye towards the future, and how these types of items can be placed in Eastern or Western homes. To learn more, contact ChinaFurnitureOnline today, and receive discounted shipping with an online order.

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