Asian Cabinet
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Asian Home Decor for a Low Price

One of the most prominent features of Eastern decoration for homes is the blend of form and function inherent in each design. Items are meant to be both aesthetically pleasing and fully functional, taking up as little space as possible and making rooms seem larger and more spacious in their economy.

An Asian cabinet designed using the motif of steps can mirror a staircase or create the illusion of one against a wall or even mimic a chinese screen , opening up a room. This unique asian home decor is available from for prices far below those of their competitors.

Chinese Bronze Ding

Replicas of ancient Chinese artifacts are
eye catching and unique decor accents

Dark Espresso Elmwood Ming Style Step Tansu

The Ming design tansu is fitted
with iconic circle plate hardware.

Step Tansu Cabinets and Drawers

There are two different types of step-styled cabinets available from The Japanese style step tansu , and the Ming style design. Either one of these Asian home decor options would make a great addition to any home, with or without Eastern motifs.

Save Space with an Asian Cabinet

One of the best features about these cabinets is their ability to fit in most rooms. They are perfect for an attic or any room with a sloped ceiling, and can even accentuate a house's naturalistic beauty by mirroring those roof slopes. An Asian cabinet in the step tansu style is a perfect example of form following function to elegant beauty.

Decorations for Cabinets

The steps on these cabinets make perfect places for small decorations made from Chinese jade. Feel free to browse for jewelry chests, decorative accents, lamps, and more to accentuate the beauty of your cabinets.

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