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Garden Stool - A Contemporary Chinese Classic

Dating back nearly 1000 years, garden stools have been traditionally used in Chinese gardens as decorative accents and functional seating. However, in recent years these unique stools have been incorporated into contemporary home decor schemes by many interior designers.

The simple silhouette and size of garden stools make them a very versatile decorating element, allowing them to be used both indoors and outdoors either as seating or as an end table. Simultaneously, their Oriental charm brings well desired sophistication into an already well designed hallway, indoor living space or outdoor-deck.

Gold Garden Stool

A handcrafted eathernware stool with
an antique drip-mottled glaze finish

Chinese Garden Stool

With simple silhouette, this porcelain garden stool
is modeled after the traditional Chinese drum.

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Our selections of garden stools incorporate various design elements, sizes, styles and colors. More than just a decorative accent to place randomly in a room, garden stools can serve a functional purpose as well.

Many people use them as end tables or foot stools, but their versatility allows you to customize your space in other ways as well. Being durable and able to withstand all kinds of weather, garden stools can even be placed outside as additional seating for alfresco gathering. The possibilities are simply endless.

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