Chinese New Year 2021 | Year of the Metal Ox
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Chinese New Year 2021 - Year of the Metal Ox

Last year marked a new start to the 12 year Chinese zodiac cycle, and 2021 continues the cycle with the 2nd animal in order – the ox.

According to Chinese folklore, the zodiac order was originally determined by a race between all 12 creatures. The emperor hosted a party and decried that the order of the Zodiac would be based on the order by which each creature arrived at the party.

The ox, being industrious and always starting work before sun rise, was the front runner in the race. As the story goes, the ox was about to cross the finish line to be first, but the clever rat, who had been riding on the ox’s back, jumped in front at the last moment. Thus, the first 2 animals in the Chinese zodiac are the rat, followed by the ox.

Temple Statue of Ox

Traits of the Ox

The ox has long been associated with hard work and persistence due to its important role in agriculture throughout human civilization. In art and culture, the image of the ox is often used to convey strength and stability, and has also been used as a representation for harvest and fertility.

In terms of personality traits, those born under the sign of the ox are diligent, honest, gentle, and reliable, but they can also be stubborn and conservative to a fault. Because of their passive nature they are not the type that will actively seek out praise, but instead will be patient and earn recognition through consistent effort and determination.

Outlook for 2021

As the first year in the zodiac cycle, 2020 represented renewal and new beginnings. Although the type of change that the world experienced in 2020 was not the type of new beginning that we hoped for, there is reason for optimism in 2021. With great change comes many new challenges, and it is up to us to embrace these challenges if we are to persevere.

The ox reminds us that hard work and persistence pays off, and this is the main theme of 2021. If we are diligent in overcoming the challenges that are set before us, then we will grow and become stronger. In this regard, manifesting honesty and positivity will also be a big focus this year. We must remain honest in our self-reflection and maintain a positive outlook so that we do not carry such a heavy weight from stress.

2021 Metal Ox