Chinese Lacquer - An Explanation
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Chinese Lacquer - An Explanation

There are certain elements that people think of when thinking of decorative styles from the Far East. Chinese lacquer is one of these elements. Most simply explained, lacquers are coatings that can be either clear or colored, that are used to produce a durable, hard, and often shiny finish for decoration or protection. Many Asian table creations use this technique, which has been in existence for centuries.

Artifacts from many of the Imperial dynasties of China have survived the passing times because of the durability of the lacquers used by these chinese tables ., a premier provider of oriental furniture and other home decoration items, is proud to offer new creations in this ancient tradition.

Asian Table

Lacquering techniques have been practiced
throughout parts of Asia for centuries

Black Lacquer Mother of Pearl Oval Coffee Table Set

This elegant table set features painted accents
and mother of pearl inlays on black lacquer

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Lacquer-work, originated in Asia and India, became popular in Europe as early as the seventeenth century. This type of Chinese lacquer ironically became known as "japanning." The decorative style is still popular today, as proven by the use of's products by many top interior designers. When searching for an authentic Asian table, created using only the finest woods and the best techniques and lacquers, look no further than, a company providing products for the future with roots in the timeless past.

Lacquerware Boxes

Some of the oldest existing lacquerware known today originated in China in the era between 400 and 200 BC. The original uses were often for creating ritual cups, dishes, and small chests and boxes. This tradition still lives on today. Browse our selections and you will find modern versions of some of these classic items, including:

  • Jewelry boxes
  • Statues
  • Figurines
  • Stands
  • Pedestals
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