Hand Painted Porcelain Prosperity Koi Fish Jar
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Hand Painted Porcelain Prosperity Koi Fish Jar

Part No:        VJ17CF
Dimension:   14.5"Dia x 17"H

This graceful porcelain jar is embellished with an overall design of fish and flower -- a common, yet popular motif in Chinese decor. The word "fish" in Chinese pronunciation is the same as the word "surplus"; thus, fish have come to symbolize abundance and prosperity in Chinese culture. The crackle finish weaves an alluring layer of texture on to the surface of the jar, gives it an additional layer of depth and visual intrigue. Vibrant blues, yellows, reds, greens, and whites colors come together succinctly to breathe life into the beautiful flower and fish imagery. A brass handle sits at the top of the removable lid.

Retail Price:  $769.00
Our Price:     $569.00
Discounted Curbside Shipping: $33.00

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