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China Furniture & Arts, Furniture - Retail, Westmont, IL
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A unique Chinese table

Chinese Table

Lacquer work, a tradition dating from BC times in China, gives a unique look to what might normally be very bland and unoriginal furnishings. ChinaFurnitureOnline.com has many Chinese table options for living rooms, oriental bedroom furniture, or even Asian dining room furniture. One way to go for a unique feel that we suggest is to combine oriental furniture with staples of Tibetan furniture, which include very bright colors and bold lines, and a vintage look.

Mongolian and Tibetan furniture styles

Though similar to the styles made in China, the work of surrounding countries Tibet and Mongolia have their own cultural feel, and a generally bolder and more in your face look. Many Mongolian and Tibetan furniture options are available from ChinaFurnitureOnline.com, including:

  • Antique cabinets
  • Antique chests
  • Antique trunks
  • Hand-painted coffee tables

The look of Tibet is consistently brighter and more colorful, similar to Mongolian decorations. The cabinets, chests, and trunks are all hand-painted, using powerful reds and yellows and striking calligraphy and flower engravings and paintings to engage the eye. ChinaFurnitureOnline.com can help you decide if this bold statement is right for you.

Asian dining room furniture

The room where we eat our meals is often a home's center. Dining rooms can be the most communal location, where families eat together, where we entertain guests over food and drinks. Asian dining room furniture is designed for creating the most comfortable environment possible while maintaining a cool, calming aesthetic beauty. A Chinese table makes for the perfect centerpiece for any home's dining area.

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